Join Our Community and Training!!! Dive into a comprehensive learning experience designed by Coach David Adam Kurz, whose two decades of exceptional achievements in real estate sales, team development, and brokerage business management have culminated in the creation of the Freedom Achiever Academy. Our community is your gateway to mastering the art of real estate, offering you access to a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise.The Freedom Achiever Academy, hosted by Coach David Adam Kurz and the Freedom Organization. This platform is a game-changer for real estate professionals seeking to elevate their careers. From mastering sales fundamentals to high-performance leadership, we cover every angle to ensure you're equipped for success. Join us to transform your career and achieve new heights in real estate. Your journey to excellence starts here.


The Freedom Achiever Method, an exclusive 90-day transformative coaching program. Designed specifically for ambitious sales professionals eager to excel in their careers, our method stands unparalleled in the world of sales coaching.

Why Choose The Freedom Achiever Method?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Coach David Adam Kurz, a leader in sales strategy with a track record of proven success.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From identifying potential leads to mastering the art of conversion and cultivating repeat business, our program covers all facets of the sales process.

  • Tailored for All Industries: Whether you're in real estate, mortgages, title, roofing, inspections or any other sector, our methods are adaptable and effective.

  • Proven Results: Participants have reported up to a 200% increase in their business pipelines within 90 days.

Redefine the way you view sales and business development. With The Freedom Achiever Method, you're not just learning to sell; you're setting the foundation for a lifetime of success in sales.


Freedom Achiever Mentorship program, a unique opportunity crafted specifically for real estate professionals. This program is designed to empower realtors by providing them with direct mentorship from experienced industry leaders within our company, the Freedom Organization.

Why Join the Freedom Achiever Mentorship Program?

  • Targeted Expertise: Benefit from one-on-one mentorship tailored to the real estate industry.

  • Hands-On Guidance: Navigate your next three real estate transactions with the support of a seasoned mentor.

  • Career Growth: Elevate your selling skills and gain insights that will propel your career forward.

  • Exclusive for Realtors: This program is specifically designed for real estate professionals, ensuring that the guidance you receive is relevant and impactful.

The Freedom Achiever Mentorship program is your pathway to mastering the complexities of real estate sales. Our mentors are committed to your professional development, ready to share their knowledge and experiences to help you succeed in today’s competitive real estate market.Take the next step in your real estate career. Join the Freedom Achiever Mentorship program today and start transforming your professional journey with expert guidance.

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The Freedom Achiever Coaching Program, a premier personal and professional growth opportunity uniquely tailored for individuals seeking transformation through one-on-one guidance. This exclusive program is offered by the esteemed Freedom Organization and is designed to cater specifically to your unique needs and goals.

Why Choose The Freedom Achiever Coaching Program?

  • Personalized Coaching: Enjoy the undivided attention of a private coach who will work closely with you to identify your goals, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Experienced Coaches: Our coaches are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in a variety of fields, ensuring that you receive knowledgeable and impactful guidance.

  • Flexible and Customizable: The program is designed to be adaptable to your schedule and specific developmental needs, offering a truly personalized coaching experience.

  • Proven Results: Participants in the Freedom Achiever Coaching Program report significant improvements in their professional performance and personal satisfaction.

By joining the Freedom Achiever Coaching Program, you are not just signing up for coaching sessions; you are investing in a partnership that will guide you through achieving lasting changes and real success. Whether your focus is on career advancement, enhancing personal skills, or achieving specific goals, your private coach is ready to facilitate your growth every step of the way.

Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential. Join the Freedom Achiever Coaching Program today and start your journey to a more fulfilled and successful life.


The Freedom Achiever Society, an elite, exclusive membership program available only to members of The Freedom Achiever Method. This premier society is designed for those who have demonstrated their commitment to growth and excellence by enrolling in The Freedom Achiever Method, and are ready to take their achievements to the next level.

Why Join The Freedom Achiever Society?

  • Exclusive Membership: Available solely to members of The Freedom Achiever Method, ensuring a community of peers who are equally dedicated and motivated.

  • Year-Long Coaching: Dive deeper with ongoing, personalized coaching tailored to the ambitious goals of society members.

  • VIP Access to All Freedom Events: Enjoy complimentary VIP treatment at all Freedom events, where the best experiences and networking opportunities await.

  • Access to David Adam Kurz Speaking Engagements: Receive exclusive invitations to events featuring David Adam Kurz, gaining invaluable insights from his expertise.

  • Quarterly Masterminds: Engage in high-level mastermind sessions that offer powerful business insights and collaborative opportunities.

  • Elite Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network by connecting with other high-achievers within the diverse industries of the society.

  • Exclusive Gear and Jewelry: Receive specially designed gear and unique jewelry pieces available only to society members.

The Freedom Achiever Society is not just a membership; it's a pathway to transformation and excellence. By joining, you secure a place in a community that supports and enhances your growth journey through exclusive resources and premier networking opportunities.




For over a decade, my mission has been to coach real estate professionals to achieve staggering sales numbers and success - success that varies according to each business owner's unique definition. Recognizing this, our focus pivoted towards assisting business professionals in discovering their unique interpretation of FREEDOM.

Your Freedom is your very own - it reflects your ambitions, your aspirations. Recognizing that your business, and the manner in which you cultivate it, paves the way to your freedom is the first step on the path to success. This freedom can take numerous forms: financial independence, the freedom to work from any location, business autonomy, freedom of time, family-oriented freedom, and so much more.

Whether your objective is to top the charts in your market or earn sufficiently to spend more quality time with your family, we are committed to coaching you towards achieving your version of freedom. With over a decade of experience in managing real estate teams and businesses, coupled with nearly 9 years of service in the United States Marine Corp, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

My passion for learning through reading business books and articles, coupled with my keen interest in how individuals are making headway in real estate, has allowed me to see that success always leaves a trail to follow. I took note of what successful team leaders and business owners were doing, and looked for ways to incorporate those tactics into our strategies. However, I noticed a lack of organization in many teams, which sparked my idea to bring some Marine-inspired strategies to the table.

For over 247 years, the Marines have been creating resilient teams and organizations characterized by unyielding bonds - teams that are supportive on the battlefield and at home, with a deep respect for their vision, mission, and the bigger picture. This perspective of looking beyond oneself has been the key learning from my time in the Marines.

Incorporating these lessons into team development within the real estate business is the foundation of my approach. It involves a consistent cycle of laying a strong foundation, planning, creating a blueprint, developing, managing, redesigning, and repeating the process. This is the method I have pioneered and perfected, and it is one that I am ready to use to help you find your freedom.